About Corporate Scope

Corporate Scope was founded in 2004 by Robert Loader to provide opportunities for businesses to engage with Executives from outside their industry or spheres of influence to offer a pure business perspective to organisations. This objective perspective provides unique and insightful strategies to allow a business to reach new levels or to address its current challenges.

Business Direction & Management

Corporate Scope works with businesses to identify and achieve it’s business objectives. We don’t waste your time putting you though ‘our procedures’. We listen and then set up a no nonsense process that suits your business and achieves your goals in the shortest amount of time and with the least fuss.

We have assisted business owners to increase revenue & profitability through strategic approaches that capitalise on the opportunities and challenges the barriers to business growth.

We also bring our experience to the negotiation table. Whether it is to navigate through a delicate situation or to finalise an acquisition or during the sale of your business, we have been there.

We recognise that many business owners, directors and managers know a lot about the industry in which they have built their successful businesses and careers, but they find that their ‘industry centric’ experience can blind them to new opportunities or when massive challenges confront their business.

We support business Owners, Directors and CEO’s during the times they need assistance to achieve a particular outcome. We provide the extra horsepower to realise these goals.

Contact Details

Mail: 11B Heath Street, Mona Vale NSW 2103
Mobile: 0402 488 666
Email: robert@corporatescope.com.au